Data & Electrical Cabling

Data Cabling in Sydney

Data cabling is the underpinning of networks: wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) cable TV, intranets and the Internet. How well the cabling infrastructure is planned today determines how fast the technology information requirements can be obtained tomorrow.


Designing a data cabling system that just complies with today's standards can result in an infrastructure that may be obsolete in a few years time. Therefore our suggestion would be to always put in 'too much cabling' as it will 'never be enough'!


Our technicians are trained in all aspects of data cabling, structured cabling systems, intercom, PA & speaker systems, as well as alarm, camera & security systems.


The team at ICOM are trained & registered with ACRS to provide new phone, voice & data cabling as well as fibre optic & computer cabling to industry standards. We can also provide services to upgrade all existing data cabling types. You can be rest assured that any works carried out by ICOM will be completed in the most professional manner & comply with Australian standards.


In the Sydney area call our office & book a free site inspection & discuss your requirements with one of our data cabling specialists.