The Panasonic KX-NS1000AL IP-PBX business communication server caters for larger businesses with the phone system expandable up to 1000 extensions. The NS1000 phone system has a built-in voicemail with 2 channels & 2 hour voice storage pre-installed - this can be expanded up to 24 channels & 1000 hour storage.


The NS1000 phone system can also connect up to existing Panasonic telephone systems (such as the KX-TDE & KX-NCP phone systems) via a private ISDN network or VOIP which enables the business to use current line infrastructure (ISDN & PRI) but allows the business to prepare for future IP migration. By connecting the NS1000 IP phone system to a TDE or NCP Panasonic phone system, it enables your business to use both legacy & IP lines.

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