Australian Automotive Group Pty Ltd

Our business is based throughout the Sydney basin reaching as far north (Brookvale) to the west (Blacktown). We have nine motor dealership sites all utilizing the Optus Multiline service.

Our first experience with ICOM was in 2006 when our group decided to upgrade 2 sites with new phone systems; we decided to use ICOM from a recommendation from our phone supplier.

Over 5 years associated with ICOM, we have migrated all but 2 sites to a new phone system utilizing ICOMM’s professional services. ICOM assisted in the transition from Telstra ONRAMP/PSTN services to OPTUS Multiline services at all our sites. ICOM guaranteed a seamless transition and delivered as promised, the team at ICOM is to be congratulated, their project management skills and technical personnel came to afore time and time again.

Finally, I can say without hesitation that the key ingredient is the staff and management at ICOM; they understand the key elements in customer satisfaction, constant communication and appreciating the enormous importance telecommunications and business continuity is to our success.


Michael M.
GROUP IT Manager
Australian Automotive Group P/L